Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Salvage Yards to Side Rails

It has been a busy few days! We have spent the better part of the past week scrounging around salvage yards looking for the perfect pieces of reclaimed lumber, trim, and other accents to finish out the truck. It is slowly taking shape and is looking terrific.

Many a guy or girl has been known to seek out vintage odds and ends for the inherent “cool” factor that these objects possess. Brett and I have been more interested in the “save money” factor on this project. Fortunately, as any hipster can attest, these two forces often work together in great harmony. The old, dusty, and cheap, with a little creativity can be transformed into the…. Tres Cool.

Anyways, the real find of the week has been an old 10 foot long Redwood mantle piece we discovered at Ohmega Salvage in Berkeley. In the photo you can see it hiding up in the rafters in the top right hand corner of the frame. That is were it sat patiently for any number of years until Brett discovered it. I give him full credit for the incredible find. We barely got it home and after a few hours of sanding and a couple coats of stain, what once served as steady ground for photos, candles, and other knick knacks in an old Victorian, will now be affixed to the side of a 1985 Chevy Step Van. Bet they never saw that one coming.

The most exciting part about finding this old Redwood mantle piece is that it put an end to three days of disagreements, arguments, and serious side-eyes that Brett and I had been exchanging over this one detail. I find one of the most challenging elements of a partnership is agreeing on a decision that you both feel is very important. I firmly believe that this difficulty is only compounded when your business partner is your brother. I’m sure he will agree with me on this one.

Pickle Tasting Results:

Sweet Hots are Bomba! By a stroke of pure luck the first batch turned out great. The perfect balance of sweet and spice. We are thinking that they will be our signature pickle to be served on every plate.

Garlic Dills: Need a little salt.

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