Monday, January 25, 2010

Getting Legal

Back at it today.. These past two weeks of intermittent rain have been good for a couple of things.. 1) sleeping in.. 2) getting paper work done. Unfortunately didn't sleep in today.

After a Saturday night of playing dominoes and drinking Bushmills, Sunday was a total waste. The Burrito that was intended to cure my hangover.. only managed to put me over the edge. Food poisoning or really bad hangover?.. That is TBD. Scratch that.. I don't care to know which. Just glad to be functioning today.

So here I am sitting at my kitchen table sorting through the bureaucratic mess that is permitting. All in all it's not too bad. I've heard other street vendors gripe about permitting, but it is way easier than if you were to open a restaurant.

Today it is feeling about a month or so away from the official launch party. We've got the truck. Jennifer Talesfore has done some great work on the design and we should have this puppy painted and fully tricked out in the next two weeks.
We'll keep you posted.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to the Southern Sandwich Company

Wow. We have come a long way. We are so excited to be following our dream, going back to our roots by bringing to Northern California the best in Southern style sandwiches plus Okra!!.

The Southern Sandwich Co. is a concept we created that dates back to our early childhood growing up in Texas and also along the Southern Atlantic Seaboard. After closing our last restaurant, we decided that we wanted to make food that was more fun and less fussy. So we jogged our culinary memories and were reminded of the many road-trips we took in our teens and early twenties through the Southern US. Brett and I, Nathan, would make the 26 hour drive from Raleigh North Carolina all the way to San Antonio Texas to visit our large and ever growing extended family. Along the way we'd hit every burger stand, BBQ joint, or truck stop whenever hunger, or craving would strike.

After making the long journey and finally reaching the land where BBQ was beef and no longer pork, a hesitant realization would come to us. We realized that the epicurean journey through all the Southern states was equally as enjoyable as arriving at the destination.. My Grandfather's ranch in Bulverde Texas. So today, here we are bringing our childhood journey to your palate. The pulled pork sandwiches from North Carolina, the muffuletta and poor boys from New Orleans, the chopped beef brisket, and German style sausages of central Texas. Not to mention interesting sides and local fare of the deep south.

So... What's next??

JD and I are on our way to the 1st annual Tasty Awards to spread the word..

Keep an ear out and an eye peeled. Look forward to cooking for you.