Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lonchera No Mas (No longer a taco truck)

Today was a cold and foggy day at The SSC headquarters located at San Francisco's Ocean Beach. Brett and I have been working double-time in effort to get all the finishing touches assembled and put on the truck. There are subtle hints of spring in the air marked most noticeably by the building onshore winds. The changing weather patterns signal an end to the surf season and tease the senses with the promise of warmer days to come. Soon the Outer Sunset will be the City's destination for occasional sunshine, bonfires, and barbecues.

When we started on the restoration of the service side of the vehicle, we had no idea that we'd spend the better part of 2 weeks completing it. I was tempted to name this post the "Door Dilemma" as it took us nearly three days to figure out how to raise the clearance of the service side doors by three inches. Brett and I talked today about doing a large scale "Before and After" post to showcase all of the work we've done, but thought it'd be best if we kept it just to the wood working additions. *Note: We've also put in hours of metalworking, but I don't feel that aluminum reinforcement plates and machine screws have quite the visual appeal as reborn scrap lumber.. Maybe I'm missing something having only taken wood shop classes in middle school.

Below you can see the transformation from scrap pile to our most noticeable accents. The 10 foot Redwood mantle piece and the mystery wood slats that transformed beautifully into the menu board framing.

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