Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Well we have been sidelined by yet another repair that had to be made to the truck.  I realize it has been awhile  since our last post, but we have been tres busy sifting our way though the endless list of requirements needed to pass health inspections. *Good news!!! We are now legal in San Mateo County.

After finally fixing the truck so it would no longer electrocute its operators, San Francisco County alerted us that our 2 compartment sink needed to become a 3 compartment sink.  This would be an easy fix say if we were located in a restaurant, but we're not.. So it took some creativity a bunch of sheet metal, rivets, sawing, and voila! Our refrigerator shrank by about 10 inches and a new sink went in its place.

Brett has been hard at work with the finishing touches on the wagon.  It's looking really dialed.  Next Wednesday all the graphic work goes up and soon enough we will be fully mobile!!  Take a peek!

Below a cleaned and ready flat top griddle. Ready for action!

Sweet Tea, Lemonade, and Ice-water.  Salvage yard spigot finds!!

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